About DCMC

We are the Development Center for Maintenance of Composites

At the intersection of maintenance, innovative materials and the aviation sector, the Southern Netherlands has achieved an excellent competitive position. To expand this competitive position in the future, it is necessary to invest in high-tech research in niches where the Southern Netherlands can make a difference. The Fieldlab Composite Maintenance and Repair: building the Development Center for Maintenance of Composites (DCMC) is the place where inspection and repair of composite material is bundled together. In Woensdrecht, The Netherlands, the most image-determining players in this area come together to shape the DCMC project.

At DCMC we identify important developments and economic opportunities:

  • There is an increasing use of composite material in numerous applications, including aerospace, automotive, maritime industry, construction, energy (wind turbines) and infrastructure
  • There is a fast development of new technological applications in the maintenance sector around inspection and repair technology
  • The economic competitive position of South-Holland is further strengthening in the field of high-tech maintenance applications in the aviation industry

Knowledge cluster

Being a leader at global level requires players who can make that happen. We have united these players in DCMC. By continuously developing innovation projects in the field of inspection and repair of composite material, DCMC is the leading cluster in the world for composite repairs.


Fokker Services is an integrated, knowledge based services organisation that partners with manufacturers, owners and operators of aircraft in the continued competitive operation of their fleet by increasing technical dispatch reliability and passenger comfort while reducing direct operating cost.

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SPECTO offers specialized composite- and sheet metal repair solutions for primary- and secondary fixed & rotary wing components. SPECTO Aerospace capability covers a broad range of composite, sheet metal and hybrid assemblies.

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The National Aerospace Laboratory NLR is the central institute for aerospace research in The Netherlands. NLR is an independent non-profit organisation and one of the Dutch Major Technological Institutes, which perform a large part of the applied research within their own specific technology field.

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TU Delft

The faculty of Aerospace Engineering at Delft University of Technology is one of the world’s largest faculties devoted entirely to aerospace engineering. It is the only research and education institute in the Netherlands engaged in research and teaching that is directly related to the aerospace engineering sector.

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To maximize the impact of this hub, co-creation and collaboration is crucial.  If you would like to collaborate with DCMC or become a partner, please contact us.  

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