DCMC demonstration event Large Area Inspection of Composites

    News DCMC Demonstration Event Large Area Inspection of Composites On Wednesday 16 November 2022, the Development Center for Maintenance of Composites (DCMC) in collaboration with the Royal Netherlands Aerospace Centre (NLR) organised a demonstration of advanced large-scale inspection techniques of composite structures. The demonstration is the result of one of the Workpackages (WP2) of the EFRO OPZuid Project PROJ-00730 – Fieldlab DCMC and gives a glimpse into an innovative application of non-destructive inspection techniques (NDI). The demonstration took place in the recently opened facility of DCMC and ACRATS at the Aviolanda Aerospace business park in the presence of a large number of representatives of the civil and military aircraft maintenance industry. Due to the increasing use of composites as a construction material in aircraft construction, the demand for fast and efficient inspection techniques is increasing. Members of NLR's NDI project group gave an interactive session to combine the results from various non-destructive inspection techniques into a 3D scan of the inspected object. The methods used were 3D structural light scanning and Lock-in thermography.  Normally the methods Thru-transmission thermography and Laser shearography are also applied there, but due to the available time of the demonstration, only the results of these techniques were shown in the final 3D scan. During the demonstration, an aircraft radome was used as an inspection object with which the technology could be shown to the attendees. By first showing the results of the various inspection methods, it became clear what the possibilities and limitations of each method are. In the end, the results were combined into a complete image that was shown via a 3D scan of the inspected object and with which the condition of the object was clearly visible. During the demonstration event, a second innovative inspection technique was also shown that is currently being developed by a group of students from the Faculty of Aerospace Engineering of Delft University of Technology under the supervision of NLR. The topic 'Swarm of Inspection Drones' indicates that a methodology has been developed with which multiple drones in conjunction with each other can carry out an automated, visual inspection of a large object, such as an aircraft, wind turbine, ship, infrastructure object, etc. By means of an interactive presentation, the technique was explained, after which the attendees could experience the technique from the inside using a HoloLens. The attached photos give an impression of the event.…

Aviolanda: Development Center for Maintenance of Composites (DCMC) opens its doors at Business Park Aviolanda​

News Aviolanda: Development Center for Maintenance of Composites (DCMC) opens its doors at Business Park Aviolanda "With the arrival of the Development Center for Maintenance of Composites (DCMC), Business Park Aviolanda has gained an expertise center. On Wednesday, May 25, about 120 guests gathered to attend the festive opening of the field lab. Martin Knegt, director of DCMC is proud: 'I hope that this location will play an important role in the development of new technologies in aviation to strengthen the region.'"Read the full article:Development Center for Maintenance of Composites (DCMC) opens its doors at Business Park Aviolanda - Aviolanda

Omroep Brabant: Nieuwste vliegtuigonderdelen zijn sterk en licht, maar repareren is een vak

News Omroep Brabant: Nieuwste vliegtuigonderdelen zijn sterk en licht, maar repareren is een vak "Moderne vliegtuigen en helikopters worden voor een steeds groter deel gemaakt van composieten. Dit zijn hoogwaardige kunststoffen die zo sterk en licht zijn, dat ze metaal kunnen vervangen. Maar er is ook een keerzijde. Reparatie en onderhoud van deze onderdelen is enorm ingewikkeld en de techniek staat eigenlijk nog maar in de kinderschoenen. Een nieuw kenniscentrum op luchtvaartbedrijvenpark Aviolanda in Hoogerheide is uniek voor Europa en moet dit probleem gaan oplossen."Lees het volledige  artikel op:Nieuwste vliegtuigonderdelen zijn sterk en licht, maar repareren is een vak - Omroep Brabant

BN DeStem: Composiet-specialist DCMC opent op Aviolanda: ‘Hier profiteren ook Fokker en Luchtmacht van’

News BN DeStem: Composiet-specialist DCMC opent op Aviolanda: ‘Hier profiteren ook Fokker en Luchtmacht van’ "In vliegtuigen zit steeds meer composiet, maar het onderhoud van dit materiaal staat nog in de kinderschoenen. Het innovatieve DCMC in Hoogerheide moet daar verandering in brengen. De officiële opening van het zogeheten Development Center for Maintenance of Composites (DCMC) lokte woensdag dan ook tientallen belangstellenden uit de luchtvaartindustrie naar Business Park Aviolanda."Lees het volledige  artikel op:Composiet-specialist DCMC opent op Aviolanda: ‘Hier profiteren ook Fokker en Luchtmacht van’ | Bergen op Zoom | bndestem.nl

Announcement of the official opening of DCMC

News Announcement of the official opening of DCMC We are proud to announce that on Wednesday 25 May the official opening of the Development Center for Maintenance of Composites (DCMC) will take place at Aviolanda Aerospace in Woensdrecht.DCMC and ACRATS Training Services are joining forces and have physically bundled the field lab and training centre in a new home at Aviolanda Aerospace. Here, innovations in the field of composite inspection and repair are combined with training in the world of aircraft maintenance technology and applied in practice.www.composite-maintenance.comwww.acrats.nlwww.aviolanda.nlDCMC is powered by: And partners:

2021: End of year message

News 2021: End of year message By Martin Knegt, Managing Director DCMCThe end of the year is always a good moment for reflection. What did we achieve at DCMC in the past year? What is the current state of our industry, which has been heavily affected by the worldwide pandemic?Important industry developmentsIn a recent EU conference on the aerospace engine market, Aviation Week shared its prognosis for the recovery of the aerospace industry: based on aircraft deliveries, in 2024 the industry will reach the same level as in 2019, before the pandemic started. Other industry sectors, such as the wind turbine industry, may see a faster recovery powered by governmental investments to speed up the transition from fossil fuels to electrical power with lower emissions to reach the global CO2 emission goals.These industry developments are important to DCMC, since, as part of this transition, many new products will use lightweight materials such as composite materials and hybrid structures. Without doubt, these products also require techniques for maintenance, inspection and repair that meet or even exceed the efficiency levels common to maintenance on traditional materials. At DCMC, in cooperation with industry parties and institutions, we focus on the development of these techniques and bring them to the MRO market.2021: communication and connectionsIn 2021, we concentrated on communicating with the market to highlight our current projects as part of the EU-EFRO development fund OPZuid (ie PROJ-00730 Fieldlab DCMC). Last April, we organized a webinar which covered these projects and also included a panel discussion on the subject with industry leaders such as Boeing, the Dutch Air Force and the Netherlands Aerospace Group (NAG). The webinar, including videos of the projects, can be viewed on our YouTube channel. Meanwhile, we worked with groups of students from AVANS University of Applied Sciences (Breda, the Netherlands) to create ideas for expanding our network and attracting more partners. In October, we were invited by our partner Fokker Services Group to share their booth at the MRO-Europe in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. At this live event, we met with numerous representatives of the industry and made new connections.Installation of DCMC FieldlabAn important recent development is the installation of the DCMC Fieldlab at Aviolanda Aerospace in Woensdrecht, the Netherlands. Alongside MRO organizations such as Fokker Techniek, LCW of the Dutch Air Force, educational institutions and a number of SMEs, DCMC is positioned in an MRO ecosystem that is expanding…

BN De Stem: Composiet maakt vliegtuig ijzersterk, dit bedrijf weet waarom, én hoe je het onderhoudt

News BN De Stem: Interview met Martin Knegt over de missie en visie van DCMC op het gebied van composiet reparatietechnieken "Composiet, oersterk maar licht, wordt steeds vaker toegepast in vliegtuigen en bij de bouw van panden, schepen, auto’s, bruggen en windmolens. De reparatietechniek staat echter nog in de kinderschoenen. Het nieuwe DCMC op luchtvaartbusinesspark Aviolanda in Hoogerheide moet hét kennis-, opleidings- en onderhoudscentrum voor composiet worden."Lees het volledige  artikel op:https://www.bndestem.nl/bergen-op-zoom/composiet-maakt-vliegtuig-ijzersterk-dit-bedrijf-weet-waarom-en-hoe-je-het-onderhoudt

Interview met Martin Knegt, Managing Director DCMC, in Innovation Origins

News Interview met Martin Knegt, Managing Director DCMC, op Innovation Origins 'DCMC in Woensdrecht wil hét mondiale expertisecentrum worden voor onderhoud in composieten'. Zo luidt de kop van het artikel van Innovation Origins. Martin Knegt, Managing Director van DCMC, sprak met het onafhankelijk journalistiek platform over innovaties op het gebied van onderhoud in de vliegtuigindustrie én de opening van het DCMC fieldlab op Business Park Aviolanda. Lees het volledige  artikel op: https://innovationorigins.com/nl/dcmc-in-woensdrecht-wil-het-mondiale-expertisecentrum-worden-voor-onderhoud-in-composieten/ 

Join DCMC in our Webinar ‘Innovating the World of Composites Repair & Maintenance’

News Join DCMC in our Webinar ‘Innovating the World of Composites Repair & Maintenance – The Story of DCMC’ Registration now open | Save the date: Thursday April 29th | 16.00 – 17.00 (CET)Composites are everywhere. You find composites in planes and helicopters, bridges and turbine blades, electronics and even textiles. But who is repairing and maintaining these flexible, strong, stiff, heat resistant products and structures?The Development Center for Maintenance of Composites (DCMC) is determined to set up the largest, most important center for composites inspection, maintenance and repair in Europe. How? By combining the best partners in the field of fundamental research with industrial research and experimental development of business.Join us in our online Webinar ‘Innovating the World of Composites Repair and Maintenance’ to get a grasp of what DCMC does and how this might benefit you. We discuss latest achievements, show you where we work and will get you up to speed on some inspiring innovation projects.Register now: https://us02web.zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_3e2xNlz7RlegC-Nwn2zurQThe program:16.00 - Warm welcome by Martin Knegt (Director DCMC)Brief presentation on DCMC: from origins to ambitions.16.10 - Bert Thuis (Department Manager NLR/Technical Director DCMC) on the future of compositesWhy the focus on repair and maintenance? What are the latest developments and how do we implement new innovations?16.20 - A look at the innovation tracksWhat innovations is DCMC currently working on? In a short vlog we introduce you to our tracks – from laser ablation to certified patch bond repair.  16.30 - Panel discussion on the relevance of composites repair and maintenance, with:Lt-col. drs. ing. Arwi Klip, Commander 980 Squadron at Royal Netherlands Air Force, Ministry of DefenseIndra Duivenvoorde, Director of Government Services for Europe and Israel within International Government and Defense, Boeing Global ServicesLex Besselink, Chairman Of The Board, Netherlands Aerospace Group (NAG)And panel leader: Marco Brinkman, Managing Director, SPECTO Aerospace 16.50 - Introducing Aviolanda AerospaceSouthern Netherlands ‘s competitive economic position in high-tech maintenance applications is strengthening. Sander Heijmans (Director Aviolanda Aerospace) gives a short introduction on the Aviolanda site and ambitions regarding DCMC.15.58 – Summary + How can you participate?Register nowYou can participate via ZOOM or watch the Live Stream on YouTube. To get the links, please register at: https://us02web.zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_3e2xNlz7RlegC-Nwn2zurQ 

2020: A year of obstacles and progress for DCMC

News 2020: A year of obstacles and progress for DCMC At DCMC, we look back on 2020 with mixed feelings. We have been able to make good strides this year in several areas but, of course, DCMC has also encountered the obstacles of the corona crisis, which still has the Netherlands and the rest of the world in its grip. Nevertheless, we have certainly moved forward. Not as far as we would like, but we have made progress at DCMC on which we can continue to build in the coming year and in the period after the pandemic.For this reason, we would like to briefly look back on the past year, which has almost come to an end, as well as forward to 2021. Where do we stand and what are DCMC's plans for the coming year?Check out the infographic:   Progress and uncertainty As mentioned previously, feelings about 2020 are mixed. Yes, the corona crisis has brought a halt to many things and we have only been able to realize our ambitions to a limited extent. Nevertheless, we also conclude that we have made progress in various areas on which we can continue to build in the coming year. Much is still uncertain and will remain so as long as Covid-19 has not yet been overcome and continues to affect the sectors in which our partners operate to a greater or lesser extent.Opportunities for the futureHowever, as every crisis in the past has proven, it also offers opportunities for the future. An example can already be seen in the aviation sector, where older aircraft types are being decommissioned earlier to make way for new, more energy-efficient aircraft in which composites are used to a large extent.We would like to invite you to "think ahead" with us about new projects, innovations and partnerships that will take the maintenance of composite structures to a higher level. Together, we can prepare for a future in which composites and their maintenance will play an increasing role in making the economy more sustainable.Last but not least, we would like to wish all of our partners and business relations a happy holiday season, despite the current limitations, and a healthy and successful 2021.Special thanks to: