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Martin Knegt appointed as Managing Director of DCMC​

Martin Knegt, Manager Support at GKN Fokker Services, has been appointed as Managing Director of the Development Center for Maintenance of Composites (DCMC) with effect from 27 May 2019.

“Composite materials are increasingly used in aerospace and other industries,” says Martin Knegt, who has a long background in the aerospace industry, “but maintenance of composite materials is mostly unchartered territory.” Following his Aeronautical Engineering studies, Martin Knegt started as Project Manager at Fokker Aircraft in 1984 and has worked in various positions at Fokker Services since 1996 before joining DCMC.

“My ambition is to turn DCMC into a well-established center of expertise with a dedicated field lab that companies can turn to with specific issues. Our main challenges are realizing solutions for the inspection of structural composite components, automation of repair processes and the certification of such repairs. Realizing this whilst meeting regulations is the most challenging for the aerospace industry.”